Thursday , June 8 2023

US scientists find the connection between brain function and mental illness


US astronomers at the University of San Francisco have found a new method of functioning the brain. New treatments will help in making mental illness due to depression.

This includes most human brain research in the mood disorder. The participants are present in the functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMMI) scanner, exploit images, or listen to the sad stories.

But scientists at UCSF Weil Institute for Neurosciences have appointed 21 personal volunteers. The surface of the brain included 40 to 70 electrodes. Deep structures in the brain have been recorded brain activity for seven to ten days.

Using computational algorithms, models of brain activity have changed the mood of patients reported, and records of the activities of the brain are analyzed by each patient. The intensive carehouse networks (ICN), which are the group of regions in the brain with their activity, interact with a regular frequency pattern.

Researchers found that changes in the brain's function are so close to the daily struggles of low or despondent mood.

The psychic-related network has long been linked to two deep brain regions, memory and negative emotions, both beep waves, hippocampus and amagadala.

Researchers have been able to identify a signal by describing depression as a result of patients experiencing trials.

The interaction between the amigo and the hippocampus is the discovery of emotional remedies. UCSF states that such activities are the most expressly of high level anxieties and whose mind will then experience the impact of emotional memories. Neuro scientist Vikas Sohal

In the future, scientists will seek new treatment to treat mental illnesses like depression.

UCSF's research results have been published earlier this week in a journal cell.

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