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2 apps New features, easy and fast to add friends!

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Copyright © Minus – BBM is the preceptor for the presence of instant messaging services App, The presence of these applications slowly decreases the number of BBM users. On the other hand, a recent report revealed that WAA has tried a feature to add contacts such as BBM.

Users can easily and easily share their contact information with the QR code for adding friends. This information was first circulated through his official Twitter account via WABetaInfo, a reliable app application.

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By scanning the QR code sent by a friend, we will soon get diversions like telephone numbers, usernames, statuses and user profile photos.

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As told in the screenshot that users can find the "button"Share my code"You can create random QR codes to share with your friends who want to add their contacts.

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After clicking the button, the user will immediately go to the QR code display page and there is another button labeled "scan code". It is a unique thing, because this QR code does not misuse others, so you can destroy it by selecting the "Code Retraction" option.

For other friends who have been added later App Adds numbers directly to the apps. This is easier than ever to first store numbers in the Contacts app. Well, if the number does not have a WA account, there is no "on app" notice.

We know this until now App A QR code was used, but the WAO has been used. Web synchronization function only. In addition, the two new features that the friends have joined together in development, first in iOS, and the newer in Android.

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