Saturday , February 4 2023

2 million years ago, humans ate 450 kg of wild birds

[ad_1] – In ancient times, the vast birds are believed to stay only in Madagascar, New Zealand, and Australia. The remaining areas are not mentioned in other regions of the vast birds.

Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences published a paper that "large birds are not usually documented in Europe or northern hemisphere" The Vertebright Pilotology Journal.

But when the early humans first came to Europe, they concluded. They co-exist with the largest bird on earth. This bird weighs 453 kg and reaches 3.3 meters.

On the Crimean peninsula, Torida was based on excavation in the cave. The species found is named Patchstruthias Deminensis And do not fly but run fast.

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Pacystootho comes from the ancient bison bones and other fossils. Researchers estimate that bones were 1.5 million to 2 million years ago.

Interestingly, according to the researchers, this may be the source of large birds meat for the early Dominican population.

The study's main author Nikta Zelenkov added that there was no evidence of further interactions with the earliest humans. He also believed that patchstruths are not dangerous species.

It's just that the ability to run a huge bird is to avoid predators.

Especially at that time other wild animals were ready to hunt, such as huge leopard, giant hayas and sharp-cated cats. Their ability to run is key to their existence.

Zelenkov also said that the excavation was being done to understand the species.

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