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2018, 506 cases and 5 pregnant women in sukhoharas positive HIV / AIDS, Sukhohra – By 2018, there were 506 HIV / AIDS cases with five pregnant women, which were found to be positive for HIV / AIDS during the period January-October 2018. Suhoharoja Regency Government asked pregnant women to do it Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT) hospitals or health centers.

Sunday (11/25/2018), as part of the celebration of World AIDS Day in the GRAHA Vijaya Sector Possible Promotion Center (GPPPD) on Sunday, the District Zilla Health Office (DKK), President of Unia Wadiya, announced this by the Chief Came in.

Three sub-pregnant women are believed to have HIV / AIDS virus while running VCT in health services in every sub-district. Mothers of pregnant women are more than three months old. Some are also expected to give birth in the next week.

"This is very worrying because there are five pregnant women who have HIV / AIDS. Children of the womb are probably HIV / AIDS viruses," he said on Sunday.

The Regency Government makes various efforts to prevent mother-to-child transmission from HIV / AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B or triple assimilation. The main goal of implementation Trio remove There are pregnant women.

This is regulated in Parmenx no. 52/2017 upon the abolition of HIV transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B. "Third prevention is correlated with the healthy living community program, so the child of the womb has not been infected with the HIV / AIDS virus because the mother has received regular treatment."

According to UNESCO, the transmission cases of HIV / AIDS are similar to those of the iceberg because the number of people who are likely to spread the virus is still very much. "It requires active involvement of community and private sector to find new people with HIV / AIDS. This virus can be transmitted only by sexual intercourse or by the change of needle. People with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) Handling will not be infected ".

SUKHROOPS Based on DKK data, the total number of cases of HIV / AIDS was 506 cases. They spread across 12 sub-zones of entire sukaharas. When the number of people living with HIV / AIDS died, more than 72 people died.

Meanwhile, family welfare (TPPKK) Sukhohara, chairman of the promotion for the team, AT Vardo Vijaya said that the spread of the disease threatened the future of the younger generation. Therefore, ATA appeals to young generation not to come into dishonesty. If you have a hazardous sexual relationship, then you should go to HSC. You must do VCT to find out if the A / A virus has contracted the virus.

World AIDS Day celebration activities were packaged in the talk show, in which more than 500 participants were participating. They come from NGO activists associated with AIDS, AIDS care citizens, health workers and students. Regional Leadership Communication Platform (FORKOPANDA) SUKHROGOOS elements were also present in this event.

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