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Asian Stocks Deposited, JCI in early trading

Asian Stocks Deposited, JCI in early trading
Indonesian Stock Exchange, Jakarta, on Friday (10/19/2018) crosses the electronic screen of stock price movements. – Annander / Akbar Nugro Goma

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Composite Stock Price Index (ISSG) Trading starts at the beginning today, Tuesday (11/13/2018).

The BSE benchmark Sensex fell by 0.06 per cent, or 3.50 points, to 5,780.55 points in the first five minutes of trading. It closed at 5,754.60, down 0.39 per cent on the BSE.

At 5,747.53 yesterday, the trade was at 5,804.68. The trade declined by 1.65 per cent to 5,777.05 on Monday.

Key support of consumer sentiment (+ 0.69%) and various industries (+ 0.45%) remained in five of the nine JCI zones. The 0.45 per cent decline in the securities market has been revised in four sectors.

With this, the 100-share Sensex shed 113 stocks. As many as 402 stocks closed with 6.2 stocks declined on indices.

PT transcosmatic Tibic shares. (TCPI) PT Astra International TBAC (ASII), which was 15.23% and 1.59% respectively, were key drivers of the JCI movement in Green Zone.

JCI is trying to keep support in the field to get a short-term replacement for support at 5760-5.815.

Reliance Securities Research Lancer Nafi said, supporting the JCI movement Revoke support Technically we are technically backward Dull trend line. Stachic indicator is moving Dirty after that The body In the area Overburd.

Moment Dirty It seems too steep on the RSI index. So JCI's next movement will be inspected Support low billigan bands An understanding of the near weakness before the hints of short-term reconstruction.

The BSE benchmark Sensex fell by 0.02 points to close at 512.89 points as the BSE benchmark Sensex fell by 0.01 points The interest rate has been reduced by 12.32 points from 5.32 per cent to 512.84. / 11).

Most of the Asian stock indexes were weak. Singapore's FTS Striat Times Index (-0.90%), FTSE Mali KLII. Index (-0.61%), PSE Film Index (-1.06%),.

Japan's Nikkei and Nicky dropped 2.60%, followed by South Korea's Cusp Index by 1.61%. In China, Shanghai Composite and CSI 300 indices declined by 0.25 percentage points.

Asian bonds were weakened by the US stock market, weakened by Apple Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group's shares in technology and financial sectors.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended 602.12 points lower at 25,387.18. Standard and power 500 index dropped 54.79 points or 1.97 percent to 2,726.22. Nasdaq's composite declined by 206.03 points. 2.78% 7,200.87.

Investment in the Asian region is a matter of concern because of the reduction in the prices of Chinese products in the Asian region. The biggest producer of FDI in Asian countries since August, as quoted by Khoon Go, CEO of Asian Research Group for Asian Banking Group, quoted by Reuters.

Stocks that rose in early trade (09.24 WIB):


+ 15.23%


+ 1.59%


+ 0.84%


+ 1.21%

Stocks are weak at the beginning of trading:









Source: Bloomberg

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