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Before starting migrating from the baby to death, try to start this youth


TEMANGGUNG, – AKP Diwi Haridi, head of the Tangangungan Police Risk Unit, takes responsibility for the probe into the misuse of Sun Zone (26), Ganon Village, Kalon district and Tungangong Regency, a Gangot Hamlet resident.

The witness testified that the woman was expert on the sand mining area at Sandalpura, Mauritius at Malinging Regency at 10:00 AM on 10/12/2018.

He looks strange like a strange guy, and his workmates then call home, "The Twin explained in Tungang Mag's Wednesday (11/13/2018).

The family acquired Sunoriya and prof. The time has come to go to Magorol City, Sorozo Mental Hospital. A doctor, Sunderio, demanded to take medication, which was going to be vaccinated, but Sunrise refused.

This young man, who did not want to buy drugs, finally went home. Finally, he got into the boat and took his compartment away from the room at 3:30 am.

The children and children of Tungangung were injured

When the Tungangung Police Narcotics Unit and the Moeng Tongingung Narcotics Agency were subjected to urine tests, the adverse adverse groups advocated the use of drugs.

"Although the reporter played the game, he was informed that the information was negative after checking the urine," said Davi.

Mental health examinations are still underway. Dwi says, if there is a good mental illness, the culprit will not be held liable for his actions.

However, if it is negative, it will be processed according to applicable law.

The article referred to in article 76 paragraph 3 of article 76 of the Child Protection Act with a maximum punishment of 15 years and 351 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Criminal Code are threatened with a 12-year jail term.

After the rape of his neighbors, Savinio (26) was arrested by the Tunganggug Police Officers of Central Java. One of them is finally a dead child.

Solarro's criminal proceedings were held at 3:30 am on Saturday, 11/12/2018, at Gonan Hamlet, Ganon Village, Kalorn sub-district, Tungangung Regency.

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Soon after, he had been called out of his home by the culprit with a match.

The deceased have been identified as Khalisutun Maafroo (23) and Attic Ernavati (31). Two of them were injured. Rafa Narasya Ardani (2.5) died of serious injuries.

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