Saturday , February 4 2023

Black Market Cellphone Blocking In August, Here's the Scenario


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian Telematics Device Industry Association (AIPTI) welcomes the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) plans to introduce rules for verification and control of cellphone genuine identities (IMEI) numbers.

Secretary of AIPTi Hendrik Karosigus said that an approach for the IMEI management is a proposal to the Minister of the Hartort of the industry, in his favor and is waiting for a long time by the association and mobile phone manufacturers of the country.

According to him, the IMEI validation rule is similar to a vehicle registration vehicle and it is very effective to eliminate illegal cellphone circulation using technology, as the customs and excise controls and trade ministry are not able to overcome it.

"There is a risk of TKDN [tingkat kandungan dalam negeri] Illegal import after export. The industry ministry needs to use control and monitoring
For exported TKDN cellphones. "We are waiting for this," said Hendrick CNBC Indonesia

He explained how the IMEI verification system works.

Each cellphone has an IMEI number which will be registered in the DIRBS system developed by the Ministry of Industry. The operator then installs the application by entering all the IMEI numbers from the Industry Database Ministry.

"Every cell phone connected through the operator will be checked by the application. If the IMEI number is registered, the connection process will continue. If it is not registered, the connection process will end," he explained.

The Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) is developing a system to identify illegal cellphone products named Device Identification, Registration and Blocking Systems (DIRBS). This system is in an attempt to validate the original Mobile Identity / IMEI Number Database.

This effort is made by the government to prevent and reduce the circulation of cell phones in illegal entry in Indonesia to protect businesses and businesses from black market or illegal goods.

The exact status of the DIRBS system has not been determined. However, the legal umbrella will be presented on August 17, 2019, which is managed by the three ministries, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Communication and Information. (Be / have been)

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