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BoB resigns to ABS and Smart Motors


JAKARTA, – Kemenhub says that compulsory controls are being reviewed Anti-lock braking system (ABS) in motor bikes, especially on small motorcycles. In response, Boch became the manufacturer of an automotive market, as well as manufacturers of ABS component in Indonesia claiming to support this project.

Bosch Indonesian Managing Director Andrew Powell said, "Boch has collaborated with various parties and collaborated with Universitas Indonesia (UI).

We've used ABS for motor bikes to help reduce the risk of accidents, and research in US & # 39; – Andrew Tuesday said in Karwar (11/13). / 2018).

ABS must use the Yamaha Free Pioneer Scooter

And despite many discussions and research, Andrew said that he could not interfere in the tasks. If necessary, all depends on the government, Bosch provides the technology, and research results present in the data.

Andrew explained the results in 2017. In Indonesia, Bosch received 72% of motorable accidents from motor bike users. As a result of the latest research results in the UI, Bos revealed that ABS institution can reduce the risk of 27 per cent of the overall motorcycle accidents.

According to Andrew, Line-up Large and smallest motor vehicles are ready to use ABS Bosch products. Motorbike ABS is now used beyond the cheaper price range, on the side of the manufacturer who sells across the motor bike.

ABS motor ABS motor

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"ABS application is very important for motor bikes, and if some people do not need a small motor bike or are expensive, I want to ask you what is the value of your life."

Although the numbers are not specifically specified, the Bosch Indonesian division Barnard Simenjung tells the motorcycle accident, ABS, which receives excessive information about BOS's UI.

"No matter how many motorcycle accidents without ABS, it's more than 150 cc," Bernard said. In the same place.

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