Tuesday , August 9 2022

California Fire, Hollywood's Taylor Refugees


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Kim Kardashian And Lady Gaga Malibu and celebrity housing in the California region have caused thousands of people fled from their homes due to firecrackers.

On Thursday, Kadasan came down to his home using the Cance West at Kalabaszas (8/10).

"Fire off our stuff, but now it is stopped," he uploaded to his account Twitter.

12 Malibu residents, 27 miles east of Santo Monica in southern California, fired on Wuley Friday night on Friday night.

Account Twitter The city of Malibu is also hard to control, burn or control.

There are thousands of celebrities in the vast, lonely and unexplored areas of oceans, hills and housing, Malibu and Kala Sabhas. Barbra Streisant, Tom Hanks, JD Athao and Britney Spears are the residents of the city.

Celebrity website TMZ A house in Malib, owned by America's most famous transgender worker, Caitlin Jen, was shot dead on Friday. A person responsible for publication can not confirm the condition of his home. But he said Reuters That the janner is safer.

Regional dwellers through social media have asked for help from their horses and other large animals. On the other hand, the coastal highway was closed only by long coastal difficulties leaving Malib.

Lady Gaga has shared a video in her account Instagram-That's it. He went to his home in Malibu on Friday and revealed dark photographs of smoke.

According to the film director Guillermo Del Terro, TwitterHe said that he has left his huge collection of fantasy and horror memorabilia, "Blythe House".

Apart from Celebration Housing, Malibu Region has a number of film making sites. One of them is the western town of Paramount Ranch. However, the location was destroyed.

Similarly, a house used for TV series shooting. "Bachelor is in danger," ABC television executive Robert Mills shared on his Twitter account.

Alisa Milano, the leader of the # Mate Social Movement facing sexual harassment, seeks help in removing five horses from the region. Now he is avoiding his children, dogs, computers, and Docmarton.

Miles Etheridge, former director of "Office", Reyn Wilson, and Roma Dowry, wife of Producer "The Apprentice" Mark Burnett, evacuated some time later.

In the United States, a paradisaal north of California was rocked by fire on forest land, killing 26,000 people.

The fire is likely to be able to swallow 80 minutes for a minute because of strong winds and dried landscapes.

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