Monday , June 14 2021

David's parent is a victim who has been executed by him

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Jkara Solothy and his wife had been beaten to death because of killing his son David Rianto in a kidnapping case in Kumbangan area in West Jakarta.

At this time, she realized that her son was a good boy and made the most of his schooling.

David's parents were buried in Kumbangan tombs: many school students often threatened

"If he is good at home, he helps him to help," he said, adding that David's opponents were not good at enemies and his achievements were good (11/19/2018).

In fact, it is known that the nine grade students of the Al-Manseshya Middle School are also known for their enthusiasm.

"He came home from school shortly afterwards, and then he carefully studied, the main thing was not strange, and the ideas turned into police," he said. "Federal Medical Institute, Police Hospital, East Jarakata's Kramat Jati, Tribune Jarketta Dr.

The body of the forensic medical institute in Indonesia's police hospital was stomped on the bed after Monday afternoon by colleagues.

"Of course, I'm surprised. I did not expect him to be like this, he was never strange, but it was a hazard to other people," he said.

The body was first added to her when she was living in Jagan H. Sanusi, Rwabaya, Zhengkang and West Jakarta.

And David's body will be buried in his native Jubilee Regency, Central Java, in the Pekinggang area.

Earlier, another student was hacked to death after the afternoon of David Jangangam Gunder, Kembangan Utara, Kambangan, West Jakarta, student of private junior high school in Kembangan.

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