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Defending champion Susul Markes / Kevin at the China Open 2018 and Ahsan / Hendra Final


Fuji, KOMPAS Malaysia's Ahsan-Hendra Siyyawan overcame China's Faso China Open final to reach the semi-finals of the Hayksia Olympic Sports Center in China. )

In the match, Ahsan / Hendra was forced to comply with Jingling / Tan Qinggin 14-21, 15-21.

Ahsan and Hendra defeated Marcus Fernildi Gidian / Kevin Sanjaya and Sukambulu in the final. As a result, the zeal of the creation of all Indonesian finals.

China to sell Open Fueau in 2018 quarter finals – Markus / Kevin, Hendra / Seduan

At the beginning of the first game, Ahsan / Hendra appeared in the immediate aftermath of the attack. The pair are named after The Dadies.

But after that, the tall hoisted and the breakdown of the first game is to be ended by 11-8.

After the collapse Ahsan / Hendra hosted the dominance of the host. However, the defeat of former World No. 1 pair failed. Since then, it was the first to win a seven-point lead.

In the second match, the match starts and the match is over. Nevertheless, he slowly began to leave Ahsan / Hendra.

Marcus, Kevin, Ahsan, and Hendra players have reached the semi-finals of the China Open Fiona Wimbledon Championships in 2018.

In the first game, Bambi curtain Jade finished second in the second game at 11-8. The five points behind Ahsan / Hendra scored the Han / Tan points.

At 12-14, the dad took over the score. He bowled again for 35 minutes and won the match. (Sandul Naharifheen)

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