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Dr Sengupta as the Chairperson of the Southeast Sulawati Perscidia during 2018-2023.


OKESULTRA.COM, Kendari Dr. According to the documentary Agogo Parotto Spi, one of the hotels in Sodvi Vybinson Soo, Dot Com Hotel, Dr Dreisen's representative in the Southern East Sulawesi Kendari, Saturn (11/17).

On November 16, 2018, along with the Management of International Association of Southeast Asian Sulawesi Dr.

Pardiatia is one of the most diabetic patients in the field of diabetes, diabetic patients, health professionals, and doctors in entering the institution. Indonesian Diabetes Association (Pardadia) Exit Board (PB)

"But the main thing is diabetes patients, so they have a façade," he said.

Perdia lived in all the provinces almost 20 years ago. This forum was very important for diabetic patients.

Personaia is an education forum that describes the experiences of diabetics who transmit patients experiences to the exiles. But in the forum, they get more information about diabetes, especially those from regulators and those from the health department, "from the IDP from doctors who are from the Ministry of Health and IDI.

Meanwhile, the South East Sulawati Persidge's Chairperson, Dr. Chile said that the Perzadian team would be able to develop only if there were a number of parties.

"For example, the patients themselves, like personal groups in the muscle, non-doctors, and other laboratory groups like laboratory groups, are in the initial stages of planning for South East Sulawati Persidaia and I will join and move on from several factors that help other members," he explained.

He explained that there was no fixed time because it was waiting for the confirmation of the great management.

Considering the opening goal, he is still waiting for the confirmation of the great management of his inauguration.

"How can we handle diabetes treatment research for the future program, for example, the most difficult way is to educate patients, puskasmas or laboratories, and consult with diabetics and counseling," he said.

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