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Exam live, Angel Lelga reluctant to comment


Jakarta, Compass.Com – Singer Angel Lelga came to Metro Jaya Regional Police on Monday (11/26/2018), she had to take an exam with her husband Vicky Prasito's report.

The report included the alleged destruction of Angel Lelga's house when Vicky attacked the house early on Monday (11/19/2018) in the morning.

Angel Lelga Ficci Elman was approached by Angel's lawyer, INemon at 18:00 WIB at Ponda Metro Jaya.

Unfortunately, Angel was not ready to discuss the problem of him. In fact, when the exam was passed for four hours, Angel still did not want to answer the questions of the media crew.

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Meanwhile, according to Angel's attorney, I. Newman, his client conducted investigations into investigators about the print events experienced by Angel.

"This was asked about the incident, which was the main actor, who was involved in the crime of crime, who had reported (reported), was a Jatnas," Nayaman metro Jaya regional police, Senggi, South Jakarta, Monday (Somangi) 11/26 / 2018).

Nyoman said the wiki, such as its client's reported party, rejected two articles, while both the articles were 163 and the Criminal Code was 170.

"Because, if the alleged article 170 and 163, entered into the yard without permission, do damage to about 170 (almost) one," Nyoman said.

Algley has not brought evidence to support the submitted report concerning evidence, Neonan admits that it will be shown immediately when the crime scene is conducted.

"As soon as possible the evidence (police) can go to crime scene, the police run as quickly as possible (reports handle) as soon as possible," says Neiman.

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