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Fear, weep, give, sorry for the father of persecution for Ivan Adrianac


The case is in the new phase of the pain factor Boehan Ivan Adakakaka, who has been accused of murder. The Surat District District Court (PN) began to hear that a fatal attack on Mercedes-Benz cars and car accidents would be fatal.

On Tuesday, the emotional scene was found on Tuesday (11/06/2018). The victim's father, Suharo, kissed Ivan and kissed her.

Ivan sat in the first seats while waiting for the trial to begin. The one sitting on the left, immediately accompanied him.

Ivan shocked me what to do. But both of them enjoyed one minute of excitement.

Suharto said Immanuel was patient. "I'm sincere," he said.

So apologized to Suhana. "Sorry," said Ivan.

The Trial Public Prosecutor (JPU) began with the agenda of the accusation. The content of the crime is the duration and postmortem results in the market used by Ivan Adrianica to deal with.

The incident took place on August 22, 2018. Ivan was in a car with three friends. They saw the first victim by trickling the young men.

Ivan's car blocked the speed of the victim to the left. The woman then went to Whitshield and said something she did not know very well. The fight begins.

Evan's friend left the car and hacked the girl's helmet. Before going on the trip, echo raised his finger.

A long story, because he was divisible, could not catch the echo. But Evan came home somewhere.

Not only does it arrive at the back of Mercy's car Ivan soon south of the Jalon KS.

At the end of the road, they had time to communicate. The echo was recovered on the back of the car.

Echo went back to the north, and Ivan carryed quickly. Evan beat Eco from behind to steal motor bike.

Prosecutor says there are three articles to arrest Ivan Adranakus. Article 338 provides criminal code for murder.

Prosecutor Titiek Mariyani said that after the death of the bodies after the postmortem examination, the young Ecco Priscosso died.

The accused continued following the 351th Criminal Code of Criminal Law and an authoritative article of Article 351 of the Third Paragraph of the 22nd Act of 2009.

"The victims of Eco Preyriosos caused multiple injuries, brain tissue damage, and death was caused by death," said prosecutor Satrian Suluxo.

When I read the accusation, Ian Adrianac's Attorney did not give an exception. The attorneys choose to respond to the agenda in the agenda.

"Later, in the case of proof, it is true that the alleged facts and the facts of fact are compatible with the facts," attorney Ivan Aradraknas, said by Joko Haridy.

After the trial, the weapons were naturally carried out, "said Suharto. He expects sinfulness to be good.

I'm very sorry, I'm giving you patience, because life is temporary and it's eternal, "said Surthar.

He also sincerely claimed the birthday of son Echo Prussiaio. He believes that the child is nothing but investment from God.

"Yes, when my child learned that it was only in the NSL from God, that's my son's death," he said.

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