Wednesday , March 3 2021

Flat Earth support did not terrify people

The founder of the conference, Robbie Davidson, predicted that attendees will reach 800 people.

Davidson agreed, and 80 percent of the conference partners realized that the land was really flat. The rest still look for proofs.

Conference agenda presents the books and authors of books on floor land. They discussed flat land and other theories supported by it.

Davidson said that he once believed in Davidson's earthly belief. No more. "Most of us laugh, and if the earth is flat, it's definitely ridiculous," said Davidson.

Davidson had a vision about the earth three years earlier. With so many inquiries, we are more determined to prove ourselves to be flat.

Most of the attendees at the conference said they were okay because they often ridiculed their views of the earth's flat.

"I'm often ridiculed for friends and family because the land is flat, but I'm not shy," said Rick Hammer, who attended.

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