Wednesday , June 23 2021

Hanum, Ranggah Film Bless Femus and Honey Rice cry: Sorry, team and artists

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Hannah writer Salsabeela Rice and her husband Rangla al-Haeha responded to blasphemous allegations made by Hanum and Rangga.

Reported, Informing this through his Ingram account, @hanumrais Uploaded on Wednesday (11/14/2018).

Hanuman took a video from his post and made it clear to her husband.

Haynes agreed that the newly released film is being blamed for the blasphemy and threats.

Hanum apologized to Manoj Punjabi, MD Managing Director of Artistes, who had acted in Haumes and Ringgae.

In addition, Hiney Rice and Ranggah refused to threaten the production team and the artists and threatened both.

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"I'm sorry for the blasphemy and cyberbullying in our film, due to the differences in the political views of the movie, Hane and Salsabelia Rice and Rangga Almeida.

First MD We want to apologize to Manoj Pranabi from producers such as Pics, Kang Benny Satyaiah, Production Team and Artist.

The word "raise" my name will need to be accompanied by blasphemous and blasphemous words.

Let us know if it's a blasphemy or cyberbullying.

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