Friday , January 27 2023

Here is a presentation by Barmi Nuova and Miyabi

[ad_1], JAKARTA Namaiba's acting recently came from Maria Osawa in Japan, a senior adult from Bali to Balinoway.

Bermi Maria, a model of the magazine, invited her to celebrate her birthday on the day of the Lord (6/11/2018).

The BBC told her friend with Maria Osawa. In the middle of this year they were known only to each other.

I know the content of the World Cup in Manila as it was yesterday, "Bar said on Thursday (11/08/2018).

The first time they met. Many friends who came to bar Manzan also wondered.

"They were shocked to see us both, because we are well-acquainted, because of the compatibility," he said.

From there, their introduction continues to be friends until now. At the end of her birthday in Barry, she finally invited Maria Osaba to Barbee.

Unfortunately, her birthday with Maria was in uncomfortable condition. Because of suspicion of misuse of tourist visas for commercial activities, the monstrous Osaka is surrendered. Finally, no doubt has been proven.

Maria Osawa went for 3 hours with Bimi. Maria decided to return to Mania before moving to Bali.

The aim of the project was to stay with the friends, including Maria after the party's villa.


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