Tuesday , February 7 2023

Honda Cars again 1.6 million, why?


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Honda said it would recall 1.6 million units of Honda and Acura cars in an effort to repair the damaged Tata Air Bag in a US-made car.

US These withdrawals are made six months before the time limit given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Since 2013, traffic losses of TRAAVA airbags have killed about 20 people, causing a large scale withdrawal of at least 100 million cars from different manufacturers.

Honda said it sold 12.9 million Honda and Acura cars in the US.

Established in 1933, Takata stopped its operations in 2017 due to the Airbag Crisis.

In October 2018, the PT in Indonesia Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) announced the same problem with the same Airbag system as the repetition or recall of Honda Freed and Honda Jazz.

By 2014-2016 10,325 units, and the production of Honda Jazz in 2014 is 6,616 units of Honda-free production. Thus, the total number of cars recalled is 17,286 units.

Honda Prospect Motor states that the frock-passenger infilter was a recall for the transfer of airbag components.

Due to excessive gas pressure, potentially anergic components can be extended to airbags, which are likely to endanger the passenger and / or driver in the event of an accident.

Yet down to sell cars
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