Saturday , June 19 2021

How do you explain a new theory, like the dunes, or the shape of the earth?

SERAMBINEWS.COM – In the midst of growing science, a new theory has been proved that the earth is circular, but shaped like a donut.

Previously, the theory of the flat earth came up. There was much discussion in the world community.

Because this theory contradicts the concept of a circular land that was invented by society.

Reporting from, And many experts "presented a new theory of space objects called synonym.

The body of the body is heavily influenced by the body of another object.

It is made like a donut that creates a hole in the center.

However, the form of a dentle form has not lasted for more than a hundred years, and this will change again as we all know it.

If this is a donut, it has a hole in the center. However, no tunnel at this time has been seen yet.

Quoted from ViceIn 2012, Waruug answered the question in a web forum.

"Curved light follows the donat's shape, so the hole in the center can not be seen," says Warhu.

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