Sunday , August 7 2022

In slavery, Facebook is like smoking

[ad_1], SOLO – There are also an opiate effect for Facebook social networking users. In fact, the results of Fiat Facebook's comparison with cigarette cigarettes. This statement was made by Salesforce CEO, Mark Benifold, a billionaire and distributor.

Mark Beníoff points out that Facebook has been prompted to make Facebook slaves and has a negative influence on users. This is like Facebook cigarette, because it's Facebook's client, this is not clear, "he said Bassins Insider, Saturday (11/17/2018).

Mark Benif also added. Government authorities must take part in the control of Facebook. The government should create special restrictions on the use of Facebook. And most Facebook users are children.

"As the cigarette industry imposes strict rules, the role of government that controls the use of Facebook is very important.The technology industry, in particular, strict controls on Facebook. Because Facebook affects the addiction to cigarettes, "Mark Benyof continued.

In early 2018, Facebook announced the number of active users who reached 2.1 billion accounts. This number increased when compared to the previous year. Within a day, Facebook has 1.4 billion active accounts which can communicate on Facebook. This achievement becomes one of Facebook Platform Great social media.

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