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In the name of AFF 2018 in the Indonesian national team, Milky Way is also the reason for Boeing Revivalo Ferrero


Jakarta – Imi Sajafi's breeding reed by Todd Rivadado Ferrer The National Team of Indonesia AFF in 2018 She will take part in the Cup competition. But the Garuda team failed to participate in the head coach.

The baby born in Balikpapan was given a chance The U-19 national teamApril. However, his career with Garuda Nausantara did not last until Padma Shri, Indra Sajafi was appointed again to train him.

While handling the Indonesian Under-19 national team, the Milky Way claims to have attracted the Rivaldo Fero's merits. But Bima does not make players from Jayapura and Pappu.

"I was interested in Rydado Ferrer, and I had the opportunity to bring the Rivaldo Ferrer to the senior national team when I got the U-19 World Cup," he said, "during the ATF Cup tour of Jakarta (4/11). / 2018).

If I have to continue my career, if Rivallo Ferrer does not complete the 19-year-old, it's going to be a senior level, I think it must first be processed, not 50, but there are many good players in our recent events. The National Team of Indonesia, "He said.

The 23 Indonesian national teams who participated in the training camp of Sikram are not the players of East Indonesia.

The 2018 Asian Games will be held today Okay Players are not playing from the pope. Why Issue Now Now the main thing is to focus on the current material players. Seek out ways to maximize them. I am not saying that I am not opposed to Pappu's players. No, "Bima said.

In the 2016 FA Cup, there were poppy players who strengthened the two Indonesian national team. Both are Yantō Basna and Bosa Solosa.

Skillful skills in the Papacy Influenced the Indonesian national team in the 2000s. Apart from Boas, the journal Comboo, Edward Evacadam, Ian Louis Cabis, Ortizen Solosio can be considered as one of the pillars of the Garuda Squad.

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