Wednesday , August 4 2021

Jockey wants to make the parties harder, they are PKI Blames on

Lampung, Compass.Com – President Jocoh Vodo again expressed his anger about the fact that the parties were still spreading the issue that he was a member of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

This announcement was made by President Joaqui during the Land Certification Distribution Event speech for 1,300 residents in Central Lampung Regency, Lampung, which was held on Friday (11/23/2018) in the indoor tennis central Lampung Regency government.

"President Djokovi is said to be a member of PKI. If you do not believe, look at social media," Joaqui said.

According to Djokovi, this issue has not entered logic. Because in 1965/1966, PKI was declared a banned organization.

Meanwhile, Joaqui was born in 1961. So, when PKI Was dissolved, Joaqui was only 4 years old.

"Peeky is Toddlers," Jakovi was greeted by participants' laughs.

Not only the issue is limited, PKI General Chair DN There was also a photo of the edit which was a speech and was in front of the podium and there was a figure named Joaqui.

Joaqui said that the photo was a document from the history taken in 1955, where it has not yet happened.

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"I have not been born yet but it is already there. How we do not … I want to be worthless but where is that person," said Joaqui, who was greeted by participants of the incident.

For four years, Joaqui claimed that he ignored it. But in reality six percent of Indonesians believe in this issue.

So Djokovi believes that now is the right time to respond to these issues. "When I answered, many were surprised and said, yes, sir, I said, yes," said Zakovi.

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