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Jokowi Bluses Check the price of staple goods in the Material market


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President Either Widodo again and again the prices of basic products in the market. This time Jokowi is with the industrial minister Airlangga Hartarto and Chief Executive Officer of Moeldoko, Pasar Anyar, Tangerang.

The president visited several sellers as he asked for the sale price. One of them is a tempe.

"How much is the temperature?" Jokowi asked the seller on Sunday (4/11).

"Just joking to Mr. Jokowi," he replied.

One of the tempe beams can be cut to 15 pieces. Jokowi immediately bought five tempe beams.

After that, he went to market to check each other while eating foods such as tofu, eggs, rice, chicken, meat and melinjo.
At the rice warehouse, Jokowi directly requested the current sales price. The seller stated that under the best conditions the price of rice was sold at EUR 12,000.

After a 30-minute review of the market, the chairman said that basic commodity prices are usually stable, in line with about 3.5 percent of Indonesian inflation. This figure is lower than the 9 per cent inflation rate achieved some years ago.

"After checking, everything is stable, eggs are actually reduced from Rp, 30,000 Rp, 20,000 Rp, 22,000 Rice Rp to 8,000 rp to 9,000," said former mayor of Solo.

He realized that the prices of food, such as meat, rose somewhat somewhat. However, the condition is stable and sustainable.

It therefore invited some parties not to call up food prices on the market because this would affect the sales of traders.

"Do not be angry on the market, it turns out: Bakul, angry marketers, no one buys, they're really shopping malls and supermarkets, so if you visit the market, check out the facts that there are prices," said DKI Jakarta earlier Governor.

Market improvement

Not just price developments were investigated by Pasar Anyar, but listened to sales revenue and complaints. Some of them are linked to market conditions that are not yet classified. Based on the observation, the market conditions for plant and spice sellers are covered tarpaulins. Road conditions are muddy and full of water.

In the place where the meat is sold, visitors must pass through dark roads.

Jokowi says the situation will improve in the near future. The central government and the city government will continue to discuss.

"The market has to be neat, not muddy and smelly, there is a parking space so you can compete with the supermarkets and agree that the mayor will renew it next year," he said.

According to him, central government can cover market revitalization if it does not require a large budget. At the same time, sharing with metropolitan municipalities is necessary when large amounts of funding are needed. (chri / age)

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