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KPK Buddhi Muliyi related information in the Century Bank case

JAKARTA, The black money prohibition commission (KPK) said, "Fatif Dijanasya. The bank's monetary and foreign exchange management, former Independent Governor of Budhi Mulia, is based on the bank Independent (BI) information provided by KPK.

A short-term funding system (FPJP) is now convicted by a proof that there is a systemic financial burden on Century Bank and the decision of the Century Bank is a punishment.

KPK spokesperson Faufi Diyanzya said in an inquiry into the KPK case.

KPK spokesperson Phoofri Diyanza (10/18/2018) in Red and White Buildings, KPKK,Dylan's Appildo Rachman / KPK spokesperson Phoofri Diyanza (10/18/2018) in Red and White Buildings, KPKK,

A request has been made on Tuesday (Wednesday, November 14, 2018), "KPK Red, in Jakarta, told the White House in February (11/15/2018).

Asked about former Vice President Boydiano in connection with KPC Century Bank

However, Fifty did not caution to explain what information he received from Buda Mulia.

"The action (investigation) is still working, I did not reply, that's the information," he said.

At Century Bank, 23 people were interrogated. The so-called are from the BIA and private sector.

The other parties will be questioning the KPK Century Bank for the next few weeks.

Some KPK were known quoted by the former BI. Former BC Senior Deputy Governor, Miranda Golmom, Board of Commissioners of the Chairperson of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on Tuesday (11/13/2018).

Former Vice President Bodio and BI Monetary Policy Deputy Governor Hardid Agzar Sarvano today

The New Century Case Investigates the Mirror Test part of Investigation

While examining various facts in previous experiments,

"Reassure when we ask for many parties' information," he said.

In May 2018 KPK Said Chair Agas Rarardo. KPK has been accused of corruption cases. The leadership financed a short term funding facility (FPGP) for the bank.

The results of the study were discussed at the leadership level. KPK A complete inquiry was made, especially related to the merger process and the provision of short term funding facilities for the Century Bank.

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