Monday , August 15 2022

Looma Maya speaks of Love and Love and the ownership


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Personal life Luna Maya Attention is not correct. Ariyan's songwriting before a few years ago, Lua Maya falls in love with Renault Barak, a young boy.

Luna Maya closes the bitter experiences and ways to focus on the future

Recently, Luna Maya announced that she would end the romantic relationship with Rano Barak. What is the meaning of the love of a 35-year-old woman when she descends from Lama Maya's love story?

"I do not believe that there is no name of love," said Luin Maya. If someone loves someone, that person is suitable for him. "If you love, someone else will say it is not necessary, even if he still does not like it."

Luna Maya.

Luna Mary does not deny that there is a close relationship between the separated couple. For him, only the remnants of past feelings. According to Lama Maya, if these couples choose to separate, it means that they do not have much love.

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"He went away, you never met, the news was never given, and now it's not love," he said Luna Maya. "Love must be nourished, but if you love someone, watch for it."


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