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Mbappe: PSG will reach closed European Elite Level

[ad_1] – Paris Saint-Germain Star (PSG), Killian Mbappe, said that their team's chances of winning the Champions League are likely to increase over time.

According to Mbpe, to be able to win the most trophies among European club competitions, each element of the team should be able to work together.

"I think that in order to win the competition, you need to work hard on every element related to their respective tasks," the MBAP quoted it as saying Sky SportsTuesday (11/27/2018).

"We have approached that level, though there is still a lot to be done. In the highest level, it is very important to note the small details," Mbpe added.

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During the history of Champions League, PSG's best achievement reached the semifinals in the 1994-1995 season. Then in the last decade, the steps of the PSG were not more than the quarter-finals.

The PSG's ambition to win the Big Year Trophy was much higher after the arrival of President Nasser al-Khalifi in 2011.

Many stars get into PSG from the increase of money from middle east merchants. This made PSG a new big football in European football.

In the era of Nasir's leadership, there were already three top European coaches who retired as they always failed in the Champions League. It's Carlo Anselotti, Laurent Blanc, and finally Uni Emery.

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Thomas Tuchel currently charges with the same goals as the last three coaches. Tuscel's challenge is very difficult this season because it needs to pass the PSG in the knockout phase of the highest rating group Group C.

At present, PSG stands third in standings with a five-point collection. PSG is a point on top of Liverpool and Napoli.

This position creates a competition for two tickets to last till the last 16 rounds.

Apart from this, PSG will face the last year finalist, Liverpool in Wednesday's (11/28/2018) or fifth game at Park Des Princes Stadium on WIB on Thursday morning.

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