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Never let the mountains stop – FAJAR –


Competition against Balotto Petra in Srivijaya executive football tournament Jakeberying should compete at Srivijaya stadium and be a capital to get full points in a team called 'Laskar Wang Kito'. Or the danger will leave the Gulf.

Srivijaya FC is in a critical position. Laskar Wang is now in the red zone. However, they are backward areas such as PS. Tira and PSM Medan made the same points with 33 points. It is one of the best productivity goals for Srivijaya above two red zone teams.

To ensure a location, Srivijaya F.C. Barito must have achieved the full points against Puerta today in the necessaries. Alfredo Vera's team fell for three goals after Perlilla Lovong (2/11).

In addition, Srivijaya can not display the best power. Two major pillars, Alberto Goncalves, and Sulphidia still defend the Indonesian national team. Midfielder M. Ridwan and Syrian Abhimanyu will not be injured.

Coach Alfio Vera, coach of the team, had a slight strength. Moreover, his team rested for a week after the fight to Lauong.

"They (Barito Putera) find ways to troubleshoot us so we focus on awakening their movements, the most important thing the players will not be able to develop their own games and the pattern of the opponent will not be affected," said the former Parsabah Sarabaya coach.

That was not the case with Barito Putera. Since they were in the national team, they lost three pillars. Including Risky Pora, Gavin Kuan Ascet, and Hansum Yama. There was no Douglas packer without the cause of the card leap.

This situation is coach Jackson F. Together do not worry. The 3-1 win over PS Tira (3-11) leads to the vacuum of the Brazilian team. "Despite some amazing things, I do not care, we plan on the existing material," he said.

"This season we're going to play in the final minute at the moment of trouble, and we've prepared all sides, and our goal still keeps Barto in a more respectable position."

The last 5 meetings

6/8/18: Barito Poutreera 3-1 Srivijaya

10/09/17: Bereto Pottera 2-0 Srivijaya

05/13/17: Srivijaya 3-2 Barito Putera

02/13/17: 2-1 Srivijaya Barito Buttera

11/28/16: 2-2 Srivijaya Bariatura Workshop

5 Last matches for Sriva Vijaya

11/2/18: Perilela 3-0 Srivijaya

10/29/18: Srivijaya 4-0 Percussour Serui

23/10/18: PSIS Champions 1-0 1-0

10/18/18: Srivijaya 0-3 PSMS

12/10/18: Bhaiyankara 2-0 Srivijaya

The last 5 matches of Barito Points

05/11/18: Barito Bouthe 3-1 PS Tira

30/10/18: Percy 3-0 Barito Putera

23/10/18: Persson 2-1 Burito Putera

10/19/18: Barito Puente 0-0 and Seru

10/13/18: PSIS Severing 1-0 Barito Petter

Approximate setting for players

Srivijay FC (4-4-2): Teja Pauk Alam; Akhand Faris, Allen Henrik, Goran Ganshv, Jeky Arzadi; Yu Hun-Goo, Esteban Viscara, Robi Ankika, MR. Ridwan; M. Noor Iskander, Risky Ramadana

Coach: Alfredo Vera

Barito Putera (4-3-3): M. RyanDi; Nizar Nurseedin, Dundi Moulana, Aaron Ivans, Ronnie Beropera; M. Rafi, Adi Sethviran, Matthias Cordoba; Samzul Arif, Marcel Sacramento, Fager Hankika

Coach: Jackson F. Tiago

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