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Note, July 2019 is the best time to watch Saturn


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Suara.com – It is worth mentioning that July 2019 is the best time to see Shani in-the-sky.org, Saturn will reach the nearest distance to the Earth, or in astronomy it will be called as Saturn's opposition.

The Hubble Telescope was built in Neptune's hurricane [Dok. NASA].
The Hubble Telescope was built in Neptune's hurricane [Dok. NASA].

Saturn will reach opposite points in the sky or in other words, when the sun sets, Saturn will rise. Saturday's protest will be on the 9th of July.

When the opposition comes, the positions of the Sun, Earth and Saturn will be in parallel in the solar system, which creates another distance between Earth and Saturn between 2019.

Even though it is "closed", the Sun is 9.66 times higher than the ringed planet Earth, so that the diameter of its diameter does not change.

Later, Saturday will be located at 9.03 AU, in which 1AU record will be 150 million kilometers. Using this calculation, the glow with an angular diameter of Saturn 18.4 arcseconds and a visible dimension of 0.1 will be visible. Therefore, observers are expected to use Satellites to use the telescope to see Saturn's rings.

In Indonesia alone, Shani Centauri will appear in the constellation between 18.30 to 05.26 local time. The planet will reach its highest point at 23.56 and it is 74 degrees taller than the south horizon.

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