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Pendiri Traveloka Derianto Kusuma Mengundurkan Diri

[ad_1] – The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Travel Technology, who has been working as a part of the research team, For the Traveling Tourism Tournaments, November 30, 2018

Melalui perimetan resmi yang diterima KompasTekno, Selasa (27/11/2018), who has been serving as a special counselor for seven years or more, has been appointed as a special guest in 7 months.

Traveling in the tourist area of ​​the city of Kabarnya,

"If there is no communication between the travelogues of the Travelers, then because of the transformation of the technology, it has been said that it is impossible to do any other work in the field," said Derianto Dalam Keterangannya.

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"I do not know how much money it has been investing in the travel market, or when it comes to investment."

Derianto KusumaDerianto Kusuma / LinkedIn Derianto Kusuma

Derianto, as well as the other members of the Travelogue group, were invited to visit the CEO, Ferry Unardi on 2012. Menurut Ferry, Tourism and Tourism Institute of Technology

Lewat rescued, with the help of the Ferry's menuturkan, he would like to see if there is a chance for the day to arrive. I invested a lot of money in the market for investing in the financial markets.

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"Prologue serah terker préderzan telah dipersiapkan," I do not know how to travel or travel anywhere in the Travelogue – I do not want to talk about the situation, "said Ferry.

"It has been a long way since I used to go to the mencapai for a long time, but I do not know how to use it or not." Lanjutnya

Travelogue sender was killed on February 2012. According to the report, the "startup" status of the "startup" status of the tourists in Malaysia is expected to travel to Indonesia.

Hanya butuh has sent a request for travel to the United States to travel to the United States from 1 million dollars a year as well as "unicorn". Travel ticket startup unicorn pertama dari indonesia

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