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Persia Jarka Challengers in Persia Bandung in League Final 1 U19198


Barito Pettera advanced to the finals of the semi-finals.

Pergia won the 1919 final in the 1919 final, and was able to conquer Under-19 Beto Petaera. At the semifinals held at Wiba Wakhi Stadium in Sikarong on Friday (11/16).

From the first minute, the competition was strict. In the 21st minute, Perjaya scored the first goal in the quarter-finals of the Super Eights Armando Zico. But Barito did not leave Puera.

Finally, in the 40th minute they were able to respond through the goal of Mohammed's march. After three minutes, he scored a goal from Percy Mario or Nourkova.

With scores of 2-1, Berto Pettera tried to raise the players. They were able to get the draw back in the first half of the target by the goal of Ferdhio. Score 2-2, close the first round.

When the second half entered the game, the game kept the draw. But there were no more goals in this round, which would have to wait 2×15 minutes overtime.

This was in more time for both teams. But the penalty shootout ended.

In this round, Perjya reached the final with a score of 8-7. In the final, Percyby Bandung U-19 will be defeated in the Caribbean. On November 18, the two sides going to fight at the Wiba Stadium in Sikarong will also face tension. PT as organizer There is news about the match between Liga Indonesia bar.

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