Saturday , June 10 2023

Remembrance Day, Tertullil 3's Soda Air Airport to Keronnang

[ad_1], Jakarta – Take photos with national hero cosmos and listen to keroncong music. Terminal 3, Soccornado Hatta International Airport, is a way to celebrate and work on the National Heroes Day in Tangergig City.

Even if it looks informally, PT Ankantapuri Pranayo 2 (Perero) hopes to give a message about the heroes' struggle and sincerity that captures and retains liberty.

"We should not forget between technological progress and modernization, and we thank the heroes' struggle for the future of the Indonesian people for their lives and their lives for life." Branch Communications and Legal Senior Manager at Sokker International Airport. HOTA, February FEBRUARY 31, MARCH (11/10/2018).

The separation of keronckong from the history of keronkong music is one of the most inspired medieval periods of post-independence post independence.

The music for Keronkong is to remind all service service users in VeerSana who have failed to defend their freedom in Indonesia.

Keronkong Music will give a different experience when the song is displayed about the fight.

In addition to the Keronkong Music Shows, Hiroz's Day Sandmator at Terminal 3 is progressing through the work of Harrodes and human rocks.

Many passengers are waiting to take the photograph, "My baby was not waiting for a flight, my father followed me," said Sonia, a Garuda passenger.

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