Wednesday , March 3 2021

Ridvan called a hoax message containing his reaction to Ahak's film – West Java governor Ridgewood denies reports of Short Message Network One called to Ahok (2018).

As a creator named Ridwan Kami, a previous visit to the former DKI Jharkhand governor Basiki Thajaja Thurama was informed about the goodness of Ahok.

Initially, his wife and children appeared in the rhidva kamil. Ahoac is Chinese and Christians for the most cultivators of the film.

It is true, however, in the Ridgway that in fact, there were many veil on the back of the studio middle class.

The message was given like a short story, a conversation style. Ratan Kamil said that not respect racism or religion, but often honored and honored with Ahok.

At the end of the message, the next generation has a message for mutual endurance among the masses.

This is a lesson for people to look at their tribe, religion, and compassion, to judge people from their kindness, honesty, and compassion, "Ridvan told in Cam.

However, the former mayor of Bandung denies this message by @addwankamil through Instagram Account.

"It was a scam, we did not see, if we usually saw a movie, In his Instagram account he wrote in the Ridgway Cam.

He congratulated on audiovist interview on November 8, 2018, at the time of congratulation.

"BTW, this film is very nice and thanks for continuous success for Indonesian films" At the end of the statement, Ridvan wrote in the Cam.

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