Tuesday , January 31 2023

Rules for grab fines, here are comments for the number of passengers


Tempo.com, Jakarta – A number of non-passengers have disagreed in Jakarta on the plans to implement a penalty system for passengers who have canceled the order of the passengers.

"I do not agree, because sometimes we are not deliberate, really mistakes, for example, incorrectly entering the place, or suddenly being taken by friends, is canceled" 2019.

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In addition to Momo, there are also Saifa passengers who use Grab for daily activities in the office. According to him, this system will be harmful for passengers, because the "stormy" grab driver uses this system so passengers are fined.

"If, for example, the driver deliberately extends beyond five minutes, we are finally forced to cancel the tour of the hurry," Saifa said.

Earlier, on June 17, 2019, customers applied a new penalty system for canceling trips. A new trial was conducted in two cities, Lampung and Palembang for one month.

The goal is to appreciate the partner's efforts and time, which has gone to the place of picking passengers.

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All the cancellation fees will be given to the driver's partner. Grip imposes a cancellation fee under certain conditions, that is, if the booking is canceled in less than 5 minutes, the passenger's cancellation fee will not be charged.

Saifa added that if the decision of the regulation is still taken, it would be better if the passengers pay penalties, but the driver will arrive five minutes before, if the passengers are fined more than five minutes, then it is fair and destructive. .

According to Kiki, another Grab passenger in South Jakarta's Pasar Minggu, this system is really good for grab drivers, who often lose unaccountable unnecessary passengers, who always cancel trips.

"Actually there is a good thing too, but if it really needs to be implemented by the system, it is better to use appeals or strict rules for drivers so that they are not used to profit from this system and also to hurt passengers."

There are also Aria Syndaara, catch passengers from West Tanjung, South Jakarta, which use almost grab for every day to go to the office. According to this, this system has been implemented more correctly on the "Grab Food" menu instead of "grab car" and "grab bike".

"If & # 39; Grab Food & # 39; are OK, it may be fine, but food vendors are given strict rules, for example, if the shop is closed or the food comes out, then update it to the system so that The restaurant must be canceled so the driver does not come already

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