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Sharp smartphone two bangs


Sharp concentrates on working at the center of a high quality mobile market Smartphone With two Notch Or usually called bangs. This is normal for mobile designers who have only one design.

Reported by The Verge, Jupiter (11/15/2018), Smartphone The Aqua R2 Compact has two different bands.

The camera is not on top of it Selfie. Below the bangs are a little long in the form of fingerprint sensor.

Sharp Aquas R. Comppak has a waterfall located above the camera. Selfie A great dress below the fingerprint sensor.

The design of the large heels of this model is low because the part of the device's body of the device is imbalanced.

5.2-inch IGZO 2280 x 1080 LCD screen with a camera and fingerprint sensor Sharp Aqua R2 compact. Unfortunately, this screen design is replaced by the & # 39; Bear & # 39; Is still left because of the thick chemicals below cellphone. If the screen has a bit smaller than the four sides of the same size, it looks more attractive.

Sharp Aquos R2 compact is of high quality. the reason Smartphone It also has a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB RAM, Android 9 powered operating system, 22.6 megapixel sensor and 2,500 mAh battery.

Design Smartphone Two bands are not "globally" or familiar. This is a very high quality, with a modern design without a bezel Smartphone This is propagated from Japan.

Next year, Sharp Aquos R2 Compact will be launched in Japan. When the Aqueas R3 Compact Releases, 3 ships will not make a cellphone using the bands as it violates Google's rules, which are prohibited by more cellphones from the two banners. [WS/HBS]

Source: Thira

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