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Suggestions are received by Adi Parmayadi from Mundur League Club 1


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Vice Vice Wishes for Chairperson PSSI Adi Paijidadi His resignation resumed his post League 1 Who is a member of PSSI.

Madura United club chairman Achansul Kasosi suggested to Adi Rahmayady to give the position honored with resignation.

According to Achsanul, he advised Eddie some time ago. Not because it refers to the failure of the achievement of the Indonesian national team in the 2018 AFF Cup.

"If I was clear from the past, I had suggested that I have issued an open letter on social media. Why is it brought, Madura always asked that Adi should resign. I was clear without seeing the results of the national team," Aksanulan Told by, Tuesday (11/27).

However, Achsanul AD did not want to return the Rahimadi to the extraordinary Congress (KLB). Madura United is seeking a better method from the general secretary of the ED's PSSI.

Madura United club chairman Achishnul Chaussey advised Edi Rahaidadi to leave his place in the chairmanship of the PSSI.Madura United club chairman Achishnul Kossasi advised Edi Rahaidi to resign from the post of PSSI. (Photos / Huffidz Mubarak A)

"But if Mr. Eddie will continue to be competent, please continue. I have suggested that, if you want to go, it is on a mature ad, which means Mr. Eddie is capable."
Madura United became one of the voters to elect Adi Rahaimadi to become the General Chairman of PCI in the General Election of the General Election on 10 November 2016. But, on September 5, during the regional elections (Peelkada), after Eddie was officially installed as the governor of North Sumatra, everything changed.

One of them was because Adi no longer lived in Jakarta, but in the grounds, in North Sumatra.

"At first we supported him even though he was a Pongcostrad. Madura supported him because we think it was in Jakarta, it was possible," Achishulu said.

Achishanul explains that taking care of football is not a helpless situation. For instance, PSSI was chairman during the period 1991-1999, when the Minister for Transport during the years 1999-2003 during Azwar Anas, 1988-1993 or Agam Misalar, was posted as the PSSI. And Coordinator for Transport Minister (1999-2001), Defense Minister (2001) and Minister of Politics, Social and Security (2001)

"Take care of the ball is not unmatched, it can be twice as it is part of the service of football. Why Madura suggests going back, because it is in North Sumatra."

"If it was a DKI governor or a prime minister, I feel comfortable due to presence in Jakarta, so crop will make it easier to compile meetings with Axo. [Komite Eksekutif PSSI], It can be at any time. But if it is not physically in North Sumatra in Jakarta, then the federation has nothing. All this is, "Achishan said.

Aashishan continued, P.S.SI Decisions must be taken in and should not be waiting.

Must be operated properly

Meanwhile, Paripura Jayapura Club Chairman Benhaur Tommy Mane said that he should proceed with football regardless of his leadership in Indonesia. Most importantly, Indonesian football can be well-managed.

"In the context of referencing, disciplined commissions are key so that they run well and so we can contribute to the national team of quality players. That is the hopes of Persepur, which is the chairman.", Separately

Which is also the general chairman, Persepura wants that the PSSI Well managed. It can be seen from the competition that it runs well with the schedule that does not harm anyone.

"The president spoke clearly [siapapun ketua umumnya] PSSI can make changes. And what the President says is what we need. "

"For that we have not submitted a KLB [Kongres Luar Biasa]. Look at Congress [20 Januari 2019 di Bali] He said what kind of mobility is developing. (TTF / new)

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