Monday , May 29 2023

Tesla electric car Planet Mars has crossed the line

[ad_1], NEW YORK – After the wasteland in nine months, the Tesla Roadster electric car, the statue of Smellsite, named Stermann, has now reached the orbit of Planet Mars.

Reported Live Science, The space flight of the American space agency SpaceFX was brought to space by a Falcon Heavy rocket, now in the orbit of Mars in February. Sunday (11/11/2018).

Enn Musk is a famous businessman, Tesla and Space H. "The stomach's current location, the next stop, the end of the universe, the restaurant," the TwitterX chirps on Twitter, complete the card's track diagram.

The Storman and Red Tesla cars do not go beyond Mars. When looking at the SpaceX uploaded diagram on Twitter, the car will approach the Earth and the Sun.

In 2091, Stomans and his car were about one lakh lakh kilometers from the earth. It is estimated that car and storm return to Earth or Venus over the next few million years.

The researchers say that about 6% of the Earth's drop in a million years is likely to be 2.5% lower than that in the same period.

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