Monday , March 1 2021

The alleged jenet poisoning and the death of RSDD Adhidaram

INDOPOS.CO.ID – RSUD Dr. The AC (35) registered as General Managers of Bandhavgarh, Adhyar Ramo Lebanon, doctors Eco Jatmiko, Reganisibing Barat Village, Rangkassing District, Lebanon Regency and Shani (11/18/2018).

From the information received from Indoporos, the AC known to be pregnant first at 16.00 inhabitants of WIB were first discovered.

Earlier, the accused identified as Indromat Fahuruddin (27), Banjarsari Advisory, Hani (21), Sujira Suicide Resident M. Yusuf was taken to RUDU Door. The cause of unconsciousness and headache is due to Dr. Adv.

Rangkasbitung police chief AK Pukumaran Tarunana explained, AC completed Shibit for the third time and will rest at his rented home at 0400 WIB. At 7 o'clock, Jalan Eco became a power generator in the Jamtiko area.

"At 10 am the generator died again. Three employees of Indorard started complaining from nowhere.

People who were suspected of renting a house were found to have searched immediately and found no breathing.

At home, the house is rented on the second floor of the Indomatommimarket, Aussie suspected of generator poison, "AKP Umam Sunday (11/18/2018)

Right now, Ugas continues to operate, and the Rangkusbung Police Station and the Leban Police Identification Team are doing more evictions and activities, "We are getting away," he said.

Atatte (53) told a eyewitness, two afternoons that afternoon, three indoor employees had come to the hospital. "After successfully entered, we found Dr. Asi dead and immediately informed the police," he said.(yas)

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