Monday , June 5 2023

The case of female persecution, Saddil Ramdani, is officially detained by the police

[ad_1], Lamongan – Saddil Ramdani, the Indonesian national team, was officially detained at the local police station, Anugerah Sekar's lover's alleged pursuit. Detention was carried out because Saddil Ramdani was found to have committed a criminal offense.

This was confirmed by the Kasatreskrim Lamongan Regional Police, AKP. Revelation Norman. However, according to Lamela Persela, the player had the right to file a suspended custodial sentence.

"The reason is because they have been convicted for a crime but have the right to file a suspension," Norman said.

If the perpetrator does not provide a suspension, detention shall be completed until the trial file is complete and handed over to the public prosecutor's office or P21.

Actually, Norman said, the victim withdrew his report because he claimed he still loved Saddil Ramdani. However, the report continued because the family of the victim did not accept the persecution.

Saddil Ramdani's fantastic goal is the 2018 AFF Cup 2018 for the 19-year-old Indonesian national team.

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