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The lung cancer rate is very high and the Indonesian people can do LDCT earlier: Okezone Lifestyle


Coffin Humans can be sprayed everywhere in dangerous diseases. No age and sex. In an unhealthy way of life, everyone can experience dangerous diseases.

According to the information received, cancer is considered the most deadly disease in the world. It is estimated that 8.8 million people worldwide die in 2015. Most people around the world died of lung cancer. There are 1.69 million deaths.

Liver cancer is the second highest. 788,000 people die. Choleric cancers die at 774 Located globally, these men are men in cancer death rates, lungs, bronchi and lung problems in Indonesia.

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Of course the amount of lung cancer is due to smoking habits. As is known, most Indonesian people are exploited for smoking and smoking. Used as adults with adolescents.

On seeing this, Benjamin Vinto, Omni Hospital Sales and Marketing Director requested that Indonesian people be given more knowledge and awareness of the importance of health. In the first phase, a lung cancers can only be triggered by lung cancer screening.

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Long-term cancer scratching is known as CT scan (LDT). Although chest X-ray can be used to detect lung cancer, the LDC is more elaborate and more sensitive to early detection of small cell loom tumors when compared with chest X-rays.

"Respiratory cancer is only 4 per cent, however, if you are diagnosed with LDCT, a patient's recovery rate will increase to 54 per cent," Benjamin said while meeting with Oscars at the Peacock Omni Hospital in Boca, South of South America on November 12, 2018.

Benjamin publicly stated that there is no need to fear to perform a LDC test at the hospital. The exam time is too short because it is 10 minutes, does not use contrast, and the use of radiation is usually a common CT. Less than scan.


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