Saturday , February 27 2021

This is a pain for my family
Dispute with crashes Baile Zia Hutra Hilda Petra has not yet been able to find a bright spot. Billy is always loyal to Hilda with various ways to solve her lover's case.

Even their own problems emerge in the constituency of the law. Recently Crisil Hilda doubts her fake documents are suspicious.

By that reality, Blycy revealed his heart to his private eBook channel and Billsky TV. In his video, Billy said that Hilda and his family had done very badly about the allegations against him.

"It's very painful for Billy's big family with honesty from the honest heart," said Billy Enchanting. On Thursday video uploaded (11/15). "Billy's parents especially."

In addition, Billy explained a number of issues that are related to him. Since she's been caught by a wife's wife, she has been accused of getting married to Hilda.

"Billy did not marry anybody, even Hilda," said Billy Seihhatub. "Truth!"

Do not stop there, some say Hilda uses only Billy's property. This is Billy's denial. He claimed that he had suffered a loss when he fell in love with Hilda.

"If Billy is capable, think Billy is happy with Billy's favorite or Billy's beloved Billy," Billy explained. "It's not wrong."

Billy always tries to look favorably, as all the allegations show in the society. Perhaps through this problem, he can grow to a more mature form.

"With this issue, it's a lesson that this problem should be more mature to Billy," said Billy SueHuban. "Show More Patience, More Understanding of Life."

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