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Thousands of Surabaya inhabitants were beaten by Malak-Mookuku Nang Thunchugan


The rack, let's go,
I'm my friend, unjungan,
The rack, let's go,
Flicker together,

It is in the lines of the song in the streets of the Suruaya, in the streets of Tungunga. Previously, Thunchankun was in the shopping center at Surabaya.

To bring life, the Surabaya City Government organized the Maluku Mukuku Nang Tuenjangan Program.

Sundara Street became the night of the night at Tindinathan Street, with the Sundar Sundara skokes and craftsmen. There are also entertainment programs for dancing.

Thousands of pilgrims fled in Thunukunagar in Jalan. From radio and children to radio, from Sonia to Majapahit, there seems to be a hotel street.

Many visitors come to the conclusion that many people eat at a meal or at a meal while they are eating.

Photo: Hilda Melissa Renault

One of the visitors of Lala Sibayila admitted that this incident was never lost. Once that happens, it's always time to take part.

"I like it, packed up, packed with luxurious entertainment and a lot of good food," said Jalan Thunganan of Surabaya, London (11/18/2018).

Lala, who came with her friends, expressed her hope that this event will happen permanently. Moreover, the Surabaya City Government wants him to be brought in as guest stars, like the best bands.

"It's almost normal every night of the week, or you can come to the Jakarta group." He expected.

During my activities, we were in Thangoona from morning till night. But in the evenings there came many residents of the Surabaya.

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