Thursday , July 7 2022

Very, very, wishing Akbar Lee Quang Soo do this


Jakarta, please include – Event Fan meeting Becoming a Running Man, members started the event by singing songs from the BTOB Boy Band.

Fan meeting Fans cheered to see the actions of Li Quang Soo and his friends by the fans at the Estora Fighter.

& # 39; How are you? & # 39; Asking them they raised fans in Indonesian language. And introduce yourself to "We are the Running Man" while bowing.

Event Fan meeting This is guided by the host Chahasan Akbar.

After introducing himself, the thin echoes stood next to Li Quang Su, which was about 2 meters tall.

Suddenly she began to say, "Nature is too high!"

Li Quang Sun's oak actionLee Quang SUNY Oak Action / Photo: Chella Funay

Seeing that, Eichson bowed, then Quang Soo, who bowed, then squatted.

Not stopping there, Quang Soo also fell asleep face down on the stage.

Seeing that hilarious action, Eichen Akbar felt insecure.

"I don't think they need an MC, do they?" He told the audience.

They then resumed the fan meeting. (Hand / hand)

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