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Want to get Tumblr from the app store, which contains contents of contents (again)?


Jarka telset d – The Tumblr app for iOS devices has been reported to be missing from the app store. The user was amazed at the wrong thing. Exaggerated speculation about the possibility of losing Tumblr from App Store because of porn content.

Tumblr said that the apps on iOS devices have disappeared from Apple store because they are getting repaired.

Unfortunately, there is no clear explanation from the Apple Store or the lost application, whether it's through Apple or Tumblr.

Earlier this week the users said that there was a problem with the IOS app when Safe Mode is off. Peenweb said users removed the application to reinstall the application from the application store.

However, users are advised to visit the purchase page and download the app again. Has arrived TelsetDed Quotation The FIG On Sunday (11/18/2018), Tumblr still runs the iOS app issue.

In the middle of the efforts on the tamprell to create improvements, there are some guesses that the Tumblr app contains pornographic content. This is why a tough policy was created by removing the tumbler from the Apple app store.

Thambler often stumbled upon sexual content. In March 2018, the Tumblr Code was also subjected to pornography in Indonesia. The Ministry of Communications and Communications was responsible for the detention.

Even worse, this was the same issue related to pornography two years ago.

Comfo said, there were more than 360 corruption scams found in Tumbrett. Blocking is happening because of the account presence of users, but it can not be reported on Tumblr. [SN/HBS]

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