Saturday , July 2 2022

When iPhone is calm, interested parties, the shares of the Apple distributor fall, analysts say


SERAMBINEWS.COM Many Applecomputers and Fabricators (AAPL.O) in Asia are Tuesday (11/13/2018) warning that many manufacturers are worse than expected.

The market observers suspect the benefit of iPhone in many major markets.

In an article published by Reuters, many analysts and investors have expressed concern about Apple's business status.

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This is the trend that affects Apple's manufacturers as iPhone products are still in existence today.

The Apple display is Japan's display, which is made by British chip manufacturers IQP Pixys and Lemdom Holdings (Lite), the main distributor of Face ID technology on the iPhone.

On the same day, some companies in Apple have been affected by the technology stock price in Asia.

Taiwan's one of the Taiwanese manufacturers in Hanoi Precision Industries Limited (Foxconn) in Taiwan was cheaper than 3%.

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Rewat Pegatron Corp dropped below 5 per cent after recovering losses.

Two companies have been rated as Apple's main customer.

Taiwan's Senator Manufacturing Corp, one of the world's largest chip contracts, fell by 2.6 per cent.

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