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While throwing the cosmic world, Sahruk's Fun Story Counting His Mus Strike covered the truck


SURUBA, KOMPAS Sakhulukhi (41), Erakavati (9), Saturday (11/10/2018), daughter of Doctor Solomo Hospital Surabaya, had about 00.26 Vibi.

His eyes were grieved. Surabaya Burning "would be the only great play to be able to conquer, and there was a train at his home in Vidakak, his second daughter.

Salukuki tears out to say about the moments that are burning in the train during the summer of many Surabaya viewers.

Virudu Jalan Pahlavana's crude corridor of the Burns train collapsed.

On that night, on Friday (9/11/2018), he looked at the tribute to Togu Pahlava, who invited his wife and baby, and the office of the East Java governor for Jalan Pahlavan Surabaya.

He said, he and his wife, Lia (37) and his son Eric Quatti looked at the top of the naxalite. The train which runs from Gubang station to Pazar Turi will reach 19.45 Via Gia.

The train locomotive ran out slowly. As the Sahrilai claims, the arrival of the train quickly makes the audience on the move and interacts with each other.

The Surabaya committee said. On top of the reservoir, a train is on board

Three of the train passengers crashed near the railway tracks. Erichavathi's small body was dragged from her mother's car.

"My mother and I have fallen, my daughter was evicted from the train," he said.

Sahluki said that his wife and baby are located in different places near the railroad crossing tracks.

Erica was seriously injured. Meanwhile, his wife was wounded at the PCC hospital in Surabhaya.

"I did not get hurt, my wife survived and my daughter died," he said.

Burn of Officer of Surabaya was a grade 3 elementary school boy

Her body was buried in the Bakel Balkan Regency area in Mangara and her father was buried next month.

"According to his grandfather's request, the body was buried in his hometown," he said.

The news was broadcast by, Saturn (11/10/2018), Berlingon Tears, Sahluke Tels Mumtz His Danger Killed Being Trapper When Surabaya Burn

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