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& # 39; I'm an old man now & # 39; – In the application on the bail order of Giligan


John Gilligan: He said, & # 39; I can not see my shoulder & # 39;
John Gilligan: He said, & # 39; I can not see my shoulder & # 39;

Criminal John Gilling has told the Northern Ireland court that if it is approved, the terms of bail will be respected, he says that he is now old and can not "keep an eye on my shoulders".

Gilligan (66), appeared with the address of West Dublin yesterday before the Colerian Magistrate's Court.

They appeared in a Meghbeeri video link, where they were in custody since 23th August when they were arrested in a suitcase at the Belfast International Airport.

Northern Ireland is accused of "attempting to eliminate criminal property".

He was arrested while trying to fly in Spain. National Crime Agency officials recover cash on the scene.

Yesterday it was said that he was being remanded in custody for a week of Christmas, Gilligan told the court: "I declared money in customs, I did not commit any crime."

On bail, she said: "I have never failed to continue to bail in my life."

He said that he always honored the bail conditions as a young person, adding by adding: "I am an old man now, I can not look at my shoulder."

District Judge Liam McNally said that in the last hearing of the case in October, he was told that the complete file was to be released on November 1.

The lawyer said that the complete file has been received, but one of his officers wants to meet with the investigating officers on November 30 and seeks more moratorium.

Judge McNeellie said that "progress was" but the defense barrister Plunkett Newtown said that he was "very limited progress".

Mr Nugent said that for a consistent delay there was "One reason was on another".

Judge McNeillay remanded Gilling in custody until December 17.

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