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Black Friday's Emotional Stages

23 November 18 | Lifestyle

Whose stallions look at the downhill and downward movement of your shopping journey.

You've all been preparing – you know which items you want and where you can buy them. From the moment you wake up, you're thinking about a deal. Black Friday is an emotional roller coaster, for the final purchase with the first click. Here's what to expect.


It is full and fearful danger. You can eat-your breakfast nervousness. Will you get what you want? Or will you suddenly see your deal with others' burden?

And fear goes ahead with the shopping element. See also: Will your boss make you shopping instead of writing a rating / report? Whether it's a designer's dress & # 39; dream & # 39; Will fit / expect?

In & # 39; Purchase & # 39; The moment

Your purchase is a real high (Thinkstock / PA)

You feel the feeling of excitement because the hair on your hands is waiting to wait for the payment. Browser window spin, a small cycle of judgment. In the shop, you spend as much time in seconds as you wait for the machine's beep and display that special word: Allowed.

Until the thriller

You've done it! The details of your card have passed, it's your blender / computer / mattress! Or if you're in a shop, going to the counter and handing it over to your card is your main moment. After the week of research, you have chosen your item (s) and now it's your time to make it right.

Your email pings with purchase confirmation, when you see more once on item online, be happy with your decision. You've worked hard, you deserve it! Congratulate yourself on such savvy, savings you made and now imaginative life.

Sharing fun

There is nothing except telling other people buying black friday. You either text a friend, or send your email to someone else – you did it! The thing is yours, your everything. You're waiting to tell you about their own successes in the big, huge, crazy world of Black Friday.

Given other things

Now you've bought what you've planned to purchase, click & # 39; Everything else & # 39; The question remains. Because your computer / phone is very clever, now you know what you were buying, and it will fill your ad with the ad. And similar things

And so, your brain is full of other things. She liked the shoe? Why not try these shoes, they call you. You can not miss those negotiations, can you? Certainly this is the best time for a Christmas shop …


Some people want that they are not sporadic on Black Friday – are you one of them? (Thinkstock / PA)

Evening evening, and now the moment of fun has broken a bit, you understand that you have spent a lot of money. You wonder if you should check your bank account. You might be afraid that you have made the wrong choice. At your desk or on your phone, also blocking the desire to check whether you can now check cheap or on another site. To see if you can return it, check the transferred terms and conditions.

But then it happens. Announcing a pop-up Cyber ​​Monday is almost here! You're surprised if you need to make pizza to go with that blender …

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