Thursday , July 29 2021

C and S. Neptune is upset with the victory over the political champion UCD Marion

C and S Neptune had a lot of anxiety in the men's Super League on Saturday evening, when they were against 82-66 winners against League champion UCD Marion in Cork.

Lehman Colbert was a star, who scored 22 points in the win, which would open the rollercoaster for a few weeks in the season and become the head of coach Paul Callier and Cork Club. Neptune's third successive win in the recent week, with Pepper and Kyrgyglen winning, and speaking later, said: "We worked really hard this week, it's still the first time in the league. We still have many improvements, but today is the day Which we will enjoy for a few hours and then work on Monday. "

Meanwhile, Trailly Warriors returned to Kerry on Saturday evening because they won a big fight with Templog in the 93-99 series. The weekend was a highly anticipated affair after the Tri-Peep, after dropping the coolest cup champion in the opening round of the tournament in Dublin on the weekend.

While there might be a revenge for Dubliners, the TRI had other ideas, during which play Paul Dolly stood out night-time on the side of the court on both sides of the court.

New American signing Keith Jumper was also nominated for the set-up of coach price pricing and was happy after speaking. "Templog is awesome, they made everything difficult for us, they were really good ready, and this win was won. We are very proud of the guys about how we reacted in the second half. And Paul Dick made some great plays. "

Elsewhere, pepper men came close to an upset victory over Piorobel Kilster in Oronmore on Saturday evening, but lost in a thrilling overtime fight in the 86-91 range. After miraculous three pointers from Sean Sellers, Pepree returned with a 19-point deficit, which ended the game with 43 points. Sierra Roe hit the death due to pepper's hope, because he threw two freebies at the end of the over time to advance the game from pepper reach.


UCC Demon played a thrilling role in the Cork in-form DCU Saints team, which won only one at the end of 85-84. Going to the beginning of the first three minutes in the first three minutes, Colin O'Connell was slow to return to the game in the game, and he was late at the end of the fourth quarter under the leadership of Champion Kyle Hosford (27 points), so that the demon helped throw Doblone out. Opponents

Hospford later said, "We really have worked hard on it." "It's been a difficult year because we put the body down, but it has shown that what we can do when we play as a team."

Meanwhile, Belfast Star has been at the top of the men's super league table this week because on Saturday evening they won a semi-final victory, a thriller won 78-88 points on the road towards Carrie Side Kyrgyglin.

Head coach Adrien Fulton said: "We had the worst start of the year! Kylorglyn was excellent, and Daniel Jacobabis had given us all kinds of problems. So far, we got a great deal of benches to help us get to the stages in the game. Week is a big challenge. "

Following the defeat of Swords Thunder in the hands of 108-88, Mouukulan is now under the men's Super League. Mokulen was led by Harris-Winney, who had 27 points, but Thunder became Eliisa Maze's 33-point attempt at a great win in the team.

In the Women's Super League, Father Mathew was defeated in high-flying liffey celtics in the lexlip on Saturday, 67-56. Shannon Brady continued her good showing during the visitor's tour with 14 points, but Ally Le Cléier (16) was just as curious to help League leaders return home for victory.

Ambassador UCC Glanmere rested 78-40 winners against WIT Wildcats in the Murdec Arena on Saturday evening. L & # 39; Manny Davis was a standout for Mark Scanley, who took note of 27 points in the game, which is not seen outside the reach of the house.

Winning Routes

Brunel was also a comfortable winner on Sunday afternoon in Parochial Hall, IT Carlo scored 81-62. Brunel did his job in the first half, shot the lights to move to the 54 -30s break. This win came after the harsh damage to WTT Wildcats in the last week, and the team was delighted to see Oholner's ways to win his team again.

Brunel Koch said, "At the end of the day, our victory is a win." "We had a couple of weeks very difficult, so it is good to win before we play Glanmir during the week. It's always a highlight for us in the calendar."

Marble City Hawkes won his right-wing table collision with New-Misticks on Saturday night, won 60-34. As a result the mastics are at the bottom of the table because they have not won the season yet.

Meanwhile, DCU Mercy performed much better than Kilester in Dublin Derby on Sunday afternoon, defeating 81-60 point winners at the university. Irish International's huge display had differences with Sarah Woods and Rachel Hughesdance hosts because they left a rigid and determined Killer side.

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