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Cancer Cancer Can Be Diagnosed With Neuroblastoma In Drugs

Researchers who find neuropsomuras have been found to be one of the most common kidneys-cells of two drugs that disappear mice, and are more effective than any of these animals.

The results of Cancer Therapy, Cancer Therapy and Cancer Therapytics in Dublin, Dublin, were uncommon in the Sydney Cancer Institute of Medical Research, Australia. Murray Norris said. EORTC-NCI-AACR symposium is very important. However, he warned that drug combinations would take some time for the children to be tested. Children are widely available in this manner. Two drugs are undergoing treatment.

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common infant cells. Cancer deaths are the main reason for children below five. This is often found in adrenal glands on the kidneys. Despite the use of acute treatment methods, children with the most aggressive forms of neuropsychiatry are less likely to live in 50%.

Professor Norris said: "By studying neurobròmom in the laboratory, the genetically modified neurbrostomy mouse model is repeatedly diagnosed with Diabetes. These mice develop the postoperative neurobrostes naturally. CBL0137, panobinostat The cells of the mouse have disappeared for Nebula Tromosus, All the experiments have never returned, but there is no medication or treatment because the hair grows in the hair.

"The effect of these drugs is the ingredient of these drugs, the most effective treatment we have seen in this neurobristoma mouse model, this effect is uncommon in the development of neuroblasty under birth of this week. This effect is unusual, in fact, the CBL0137 / panobinostat combination our laboratory tested this elite and combined the existing clinical chemotherapy combinations More effective. "

CBL0137 is a new type of drugs called carracnit, which attacks the structure of cancer cells, but it is a safe drug that attacks DNA in normal cells. Nades and his colleagues are RNAs Using seamless technology, drugs changed through drugs, CBL0137 and panobinostat showed how the growth of neuroblastoma was stopped.

"Our results suggest that these drugs work in two attacks dvidagdha these two drugs directly attack the cancer cells .. These methods have to kill them and blocking DNA repair, and it is very exciting to help in the treatment of childhood cancer in the clinical development of an effective non-visaksana He added that akumennum.

"Unlike traditional chemotherapy drugs that interferes with di'eneyumayi, CBL0137 is CBL0137 has the potential to raise a combined treatments of children's standard of living and reduce kyansaruntulla, long-term side effects, non-deasakaravuman.putukkal DNA. These children atijivananirapp increasing the CBL0137 / panobinostat system is active in a reagapratireadhapravarttanatte Cam is, it has to increase immunity and the immunity iphyusan drugs increase the effectiveness of therapy. "

The researchers continue to work on their labs to further investigate the combined immunization of these drugs and check the CBL0137 / panobinostat with activation of immunization and other immunosuppressive drugs in mice. CBL0137 clinical trial is conducted in children with neurologist and other difficulty children in 2019, with the previous cancer cases of cancer and senior cancers being completed. Only CBL0137 test in children must be completed successfully before an experimentation test, and the combination of two drugs can be planned, that is, a few years before the treatment will be expanded.

Prof. The lab research conducted by Norris and his colleagues, CBL0137 and Panobinoste, led to the resistance of mice and substantially increased survival.

In addition to accepting CBL0137 in a phased manner among clinical trials of adults, the FDA has already approved panobinostastes for many myeloma, which is tested in clinical trials of other cancer.

Co-chairman of the EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium, By James L. Guli, enai'ecc / ensi'ai Center for Cancer Research, Medical Oncology Service Director, who has cancer of the immune system in the expert part of this research, commented: "As a result of activities conducted in mice, they are very interesting, not only for more effective performance in a single ejanrsinekkal of this drug combination for children in these rare akramanatmakavumaya tumor We suggest the exciting possibility of rttikkumenna. We are waiting for the result of the treatment they need reagikalkkuntakunna physical and mental treatments. "

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Amruthi No. 24: "Chromosin synthesis through CBL0137 and panobinostat complements the neuromuscular tumor regression in the transgangeric mice of the immune system during childhood". Posters in the spotlight, exhibition hall, 13.00 hours, Thursday 15 November.

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