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Cesen Advisory LL has earned 991,000 positions in the bank's NTT. Butterfield & Son Limited (NYSE: NTB)

Bank's Butterfield & Son Ltd. (NYSE: NTB) is 23.8% in the third quarter and its latest form is submitted to the 13 F Securities and Exchange Commission. During the period, the company sold 5,970 stake holders, while 19,109 shares were generated. CESsen Advisory L in Bank of NT Butterfield and Zone in the latest quarter were 991,000 dollars.

Many other hedge funds and other institutional investors have also purchased NTP shares. The State Board of Administration of the Florida Retirement System is the Bank of NT. Butterfield & Son 16.9% in the third quarter. The State Board of Administration of the Florida Retirement System now holds 55,837 shares. After taking over 8,015 stocks in the last quarter, the company had a 2,872,000 shares of the bank. Vadara Capital Advisors Ltd got a new position in Bank of NT. Bertfield & Son $ 612,000 in third quarter The first Trust Advisors earned a new position in Bank of NT. $ 2,664,000 in the Bayterfield & Zone 3 quarter. Bank of India's first position. Butterfield & Zone 89.8% in the third quarter. After buying 16,022 stocks in the last quarter, the company had a whopping 33860 shares of $ 1,756,000. Finally, the first Hawaiian bank got a new position in the Bank of NT. Bird Field & Zone 3 is worth 311,000 dollars per quarter. Hedge funds and other institutional investors owns 74.35% of the company's equity.

Several research analysts have recently released reports of NTB shares. Wells Fargo and Coe inspected a "buy" rating of the Bank of NT. At $ 45.00, the stock was targeted. Burtonfield & Zone a research report on Wednesday, October 24. Raymond James Bank of NT "Buy" rating on shares has been postponed. Burtonfield & Zone a research report on Wednesday, October 24. Bank of En stocks have fallen. On October 9th, a research report "Hold" the rating from a "Buy" rating from Butterfield & Son. Finally, TheStreet Bank of N.T. Shares upgraded. Bertfordfield & Son A "C" rating A "B" rating of a Monday research report, September 17. A R & D review review has been evaluated by an assessment rating, giving a third rating and a purchase rating for four. The stock currently has a coordinate rating of "Hold", a 50.50 dollar coordinate goal.

The New York NTB was at $ 39.90 a barrel Friday. Bank of NT. Butterfield and Zone Limits at 52 weeks are priced at $ 35.65 and 52 weeks high at 53.63 dollars. The company's debt is 0.16, the current ratio is 0.61, and a quick ratio of 0.61. The company's market value is 2.14 billion. A P / E ratio is 13.95. 1.84 dollar, 1.84 and 1.60 respectively.

Bank of NT. Butterfield & Son (NYSE: NTB) posted its results on Wednesday, October 24th. This quarter earned $ 0.90 (EPS) income. Appraisal of 0.95 dollars ($ 0.05) assessment experts Bank of NT. Bird Field and Zone received 22.33 percent stake and 35.65 percent of net profit. Operating this quarter was $ 129.55 million compared to $ 132.36 million a year earlier. Like a group, the sell-side analysts have the NT for the bank. Butterfly and Zone Ltd provide annual revenue of 3.53 revenue per year.

The company recently declared its dividend on Friday, 16th November. On Monday, a record of stockholder players gave a dividend of $ 0.38 per equity share. The previous dividend date for this division was on Friday, November 2. Bank of NT. Butterfield and Son dividend payments ratio is 13.29 per cent.

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Bank of india Butterfield & Son

The Bank of NT Butterfly & Zone Ltd provides social, commercial and private banking services to individuals and small and medium enterprises. Retail, corporate inspections, savings, terms, non-tariff deposits, and deposit certificates. Residential mortgage loans, automobile funding, consumer finance, credit cards, overdraft facilities, commercial real estate loans, commercial and industrial credit etc.

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Bank's Butterfield and Sonne (NYSE: NTB)

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